Look for pdfgrep in your OS’ package manager, it’s likely to be there! Here are some platforms that include pdfgrep:

If your distribution doesn’t have it, you’ll have to download the source code and compile it on your own. The code is available as a .tar.gz file:

You can verify the integrity of the download with the following information:

  • GPG signature
  • SHA256 sum: 0661e531e4c0ef097959aa1c9773796585db39c72c84a02ff87d2c3637c620cb


The current development version can be obtained with:

git clone

But be aware that this may be more unstable than the released version.


To compile and install the source code, use the standard linux triad:

sudo make install

See the README file or configure --help for more info or read the (very extensive) INSTALL file in the source.

If you’re using the git version, you will also have to run ./ in advance.

Older versions

Older versions are also available for download:

Version SHA256 Tarball Signature
2.2.0 0661e531e4c0ef097959aa1c9773796585db39c72c84a02ff87d2c3637c620cb .tar.gz GPG Signature
2.1.2 0ef3dca1d749323f08112ffe68e6f4eb7bc25f56f90a2e933db477261b082aba .tar.gz GPG Signature
2.1.1 2c8155f30fe5d9d8ec4340e48133ed0b241496bbebe29498931f975c67a10c0b .tar.gz GPG Signature
2.1.0 c9c16b4816389b20313aebb4fbad86f7775ae03330fcc08c82fa522ed810548d .tar.gz GPG Signature
2.0.1 0370d744b3072d47383dbed2cb9c8b0b64b83c084da5a8961f8d4bc7669e941e .tar.gz GPG Signature
2.0 2636da1f3157722640170f4469b574835b1c834c71237a4c3ca00197e31a89b4 .tar.gz GPG Signature
1.4.1 db04a210e6bb7b77cd6c54b17f0f6fed0d123a85f97a541b270736a5d3840f2c .tar.gz GPG Signature
1.4.0 330c111b91a92116d5a6766c1b1d22dcd7959289d73471d9344b0b0475fcaae2 .tar.gz GPG Signature
1.3.2 386b167434443dd299d389a0ef292d708123255cbab0e179e11b65ba51d9b386 .tar.gz GPG Signature
1.3.1 6e8bcaf8b219e1ad733c97257a97286a94124694958c27506b2ea7fc8e532437 .tar.gz GPG Signature
1.3.0 392aeb710b74970fee7d96bec7e2a5c7f175ab8c7daf36c42eae47821635ee17 .tar.gz GPG Signature
1.2 0f7d20c0be171f4c1ac8f5c4bf141c355ad4e1440c99cb40b63f4e06eacb5cdf .tar.gz -
1.1 fdce13b152595a6c3e0d84718404066cea94bdb44feb480786f118814c706c02 .tar.gz -
1.0 ab989f24a50bebdbaeed301c15168ee2c73f24b7ba1a1701d23f5be3605fecd8 .tar.gz -